Alcohol Review

Enjoy Responsibly!


The origin of alcohol seems to date back as early as 7000 BC in China which was produced from wild yeasts and honey. Later on in 4000 BC in mesopotamia, the cultivation and production of wine was established. Eventually wine and beer were spreading all across the world and becoming more and more popular. Jumping ahead to 1516 Germany places a beer purity law entailing that beer can only be made with barley, hops and pure water. Just over 200 years later the act of 1791 imposes a tax on whiskey. This will be known as the Whiskey tax, and would come to an end in 1802. The United states government would impose another tax, after the war of 1812 to help pay for damages.

Furthermore, the 1850’s and 1860’s represented a large jump in production of alcohol. There were 1,138 alcohol distilleries open to the public which brought in millions and millions of tax money for the government. We finally reach one of the most popular times in history for alcohol, the prohibition. The prohibition was a nationwide ban on production a and transportation of alcohol in vision to reduce crimes. As we reach the 20th/21st century, people start to see the side effects of alcohol and laws such as drinking and driving were put into place for safety. Drinking ages were established, as well as public help services such as AA meetings. Alcohol has evolved throughout the early days of time and will continue to have a heavy impact of society.

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