These two cocktails contain many different ingredients and unique tastes, but sharing a common base of rum. The mojito is made up of white rum, a splash of lime juice, sugar,  soda water and finally mint. I personally find the the little splash of mint allows for a refreshing after taste. The mojito comes from the country of cuba and dates back to as far as the 1500’s. There is a sweet taste that comes along with the cocktail making it a perfect drink for a hot day on the beach. Furthermore, the long island ice tea is a more strong drink made up of rum, tequila, triple sec, vodka, gin and  a little bit of cola. As you can see this a very powerful drink that is more recommended for a season drinker. Looking at the Montreal area, Deville Dinnerbar makes an absolutely perfect Long Island Iced Tea for reasonable prices. I personally prefer an ice cold mojito rather than the long island iced tea. The mojito offers a sweater taste making it a perfect refreshment  on a hot summer day.