These are two more popular cocktails especially for women. Im not saying that men can not drink these two cocktails, but it is definitely more recommended for women as it offers a sweet taste. The cosmopolitan has a vodka base, with triple sec and cranberry juice. The one thing that most people forget for this drink is freshly squeezed lime. The lime will add a very small taste but will have a strong impact on your drink. Lime will allow for a more refreshing taste even with just the smallest amount added. The Cosmo is very east to make and can be had on the beach, at dinner or even just after a hard day at work. The bloody mary is again vodka based with tomato juice, some lemon and spices. The bloody mary is a special drink as the spices that you put in really change the taste. You can make a sweeter drink, or even spicy by simply adding tabasco. It is usually served with a celery and use it as a mixture or dip it in and eat. These two cocktails are not hard to make at all therefore where  ever you go, I would highly recommend trying one of these out if you have not yet.