These two whiskey based drinks, are my two favourite elegant tasting drinks. My personal favourite is the classic old fashion which contains sugar, bitter, whiskey and finally grinded up orange peel for a sweeter taste. I always recommend having no ice cubes or just having a single one as the ice cube will water down you drink and therefor change the taste of your drink. The Manhattan on the other is a sweeter cocktail that is made up of whiskey, sweet vermouth and biters. This is the most popular way to make it, other people can add some sort of cola or juice with it, but this can make it a bit too sweet for my tasting.When made to perfection, the Manhattan has an amazing sweet rather then bitter taste. This cocktail is a good meal time drink as it can serve as a compliment to many meals. The best place to find the perfect Manhattan and a good old fashion is in down town Montreal at Buenanote.